San Francisco, California, USA

Will the dotcom set be the end of the city as we know and love it?

A hilly street with tramlines, and a street railcar driving along. Beautiful gnarly old trees line the streets with old buildings, and skyscrapers in the distance

Cayman Islands, Caribbean

Heaven and Hell set amidst the most beautiful Caribbean seas

Seven Mile Beach early morning, taken from the sea with perfectly calm clear water, looking back at villas and a sandy beach with palm trees creating sunrise shadows on the beach

Alabama, USA: Home Exchange

Off the beaten track southern hospitality, fried green tomatoes and new friends for life

Turks & Caicos Islands, Caribbean

No filter required - a Caribbean with the X factor

A wooden sailboat on the sandy shore with casuarina trees and blue seas in the background

New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Hanging moss, voodoo, alligators and the biggest all day party

Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA

A place where history meets diversity in the salty sea air

Florida, USA: Hunting Reserve

6 rednecks, 10 guns and a chick