Fresh coconuts, baby sharks and a deliciously slow pace of life

Cayman Islands, Caribbean

Heaven and Hell set amidst the most beautiful Caribbean seas

Seven Mile Beach early morning, taken from the sea with perfectly calm clear water, looking back at villas and a sandy beach with palm trees creating sunrise shadows on the beach

Dahab, Egypt

Purple mountains, blue ocean holes, desert heat and the biblical burning bush

Mount Sinai sunrise with skies of blue and a rocky mountain range of brown, purple and grey

Kwajalein, Marshall Islands

A tiny lagoon of contradictions: million dollar views but don't dig down more than 6 inches...

An aerial view of Kwajalein, boomerang shaped, most of the island is taken up by a runway, with buildings and grass covering the rest. The island is surrounded by coral reef and beautiful bright blue seas

Shark Encounters

Sharks are our friends! Discover how to interact with them and learn to love them too