Abandoned Villages/Tyneham, Dorset, UK

When a place that was once home to people is abandoned, what becomes of it? Where do its former residents go? And why was it abandoned in the first place?

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Athens, Greece

What may seem grimy, graffitted and grotty becomes 'ramshackle', refreshing and liberating

San Francisco, California, USA

Will the dotcom set be the end of the city as we know and love it?

A hilly street with tramlines, and a street railcar driving along. Beautiful gnarly old trees line the streets with old buildings, and skyscrapers in the distance

Ko Lanta, Thailand

Christmas on the beach - no additional gifts required

A wooden boat floating on clear water with the reef visible below and a rocky island outcrop in the background

Ho Chi Minh City / Saigon, Vietnam

From crazed to amazed in three short days

Vietnamese fisherman who seem to be floating on water, with fishing baskets balanced across their shoulders like weighing scales. They are wearing Vietnamese straw hats and the sun is rising behind them

Kuala Lumpur

A city much improved with sarcasm and alcohol

The Petronas towers at night, light up and surrounded by office buildings and a starry, partly cloudy blue and orange sky
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Sorrento, Italy

A clifftop retreat deep in the heart of the Neapolitan Riviera

Sorrento boardwalk with a wall featuring statue busts, overlooking a beautiful blue sea on one side and lush green trees on the other side, A ribbon of cloud hugs the coastline but mostly the sky is clear blue
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Disneyland, France

A family's story

The princess castle at Disneyland, silhouetted against fireworks

Agadir, Morocco

Not all trips are a fairytale...

A brown goat in a tree, eating the prickly green leaves and yellow flowers


Fresh coconuts, baby sharks and a deliciously slow pace of life

Cayman Islands, Caribbean

Heaven and Hell set amidst the most beautiful Caribbean seas

Seven Mile Beach early morning, taken from the sea with perfectly calm clear water, looking back at villas and a sandy beach with palm trees creating sunrise shadows on the beach
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Dublin, Ireland

An ancestral journey

The Temple Bar at night. A busy street scene with crowds passing a red fronted pub covered in hanging baskets. It looks welcoming and atmospheric

Alabama, USA: Home Exchange

Off the beaten track southern hospitality, fried green tomatoes and new friends for life

Dahab, Egypt

Purple mountains, blue ocean holes, desert heat and the biblical burning bush

Mount Sinai sunrise with skies of blue and a rocky mountain range of brown, purple and grey

Cornwall & Devon, UK

A quaint chocolate box of fishing villages, beaches and history

Minack Theatre with its grass and stone amphitheatre overlooking the stone stage, with the cliffs, blue sea and distant coastline in the background

Turks & Caicos Islands, Caribbean

No filter required - a Caribbean with the X factor

A wooden sailboat on the sandy shore with casuarina trees and blue seas in the background

Kwajalein, Marshall Islands

A tiny lagoon of contradictions: million dollar views but don't dig down more than 6 inches...

An aerial view of Kwajalein, boomerang shaped, most of the island is taken up by a runway, with buildings and grass covering the rest. The island is surrounded by coral reef and beautiful bright blue seas

New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Hanging moss, voodoo, alligators and the biggest all day party

Hamble, Hampshire, UK

A motorboat cruising down a slipway leaving a gentle wake, with boats either side and lush green trees in the background on the other side of the river

Karpathos, Greece

Avoid the crowds to discover true Greek hospitality and life simplified


A surprisingly charming city and possibly the world's safest?

Uluru (Ayers Rock), Australia

Peace, tranquillity and respect amidst the burning red outback

Uluru from the air. The large orange rock is surrounded by orange earth dotted with green shrub

Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA

A place where history meets diversity in the salty sea air

Windsor, UK

The place where tourists and locals converge to create a fabuously unique British experience

Herm, Channel Islands, UK

A magical, traffic free island where nature abounds and relaxation rules

Guest Blog

Bali: A Raw, Vegan Journey

Raw Food culture abounds in Bali, Indonesia. Is it possibly the best place in the world to visit raw food restaurants or eat a raw food diet?

Mallorca, Spain

Discover the calm oasis away from the madding crowd

Guest Blog

Venice, Italy

A panoramic view of Venice, showing canals, a terracotta tiled rooftop and old buildings lining the canals

Hisaronu Peninsular, Turkey: Sailing

Isolated bays, peaceful days and award winning cuisine for small change

Florida, USA: Hunting Reserve

6 rednecks, 10 guns and a chick