Yacht Delivery

Adventures with a broken boat in the Atlantic

Me at the helm as we round the rock of Gibralta. Our British ensign is flying and the sun is low in the sky, creating a silhouette

Solo Travel – 8 Top Tips

Embrace the freedom of travelling solo

A girl kayaking solo down a calm stream, surrounded by trees with dappled sunlight shining through

Road Trips – 10 Top Tips

10 Top Tips to make your road trip memorable for all the right reasons!

A self portrait of me in the wing mirror of a Jeep Cherokee, my suntanned and sandy foot is in the foreground and old Caribbean wooden shacks are in the background

Alabama, USA: Home Exchange

Off the beaten track southern hospitality, fried green tomatoes and new friends for life


The most fun you can have at under 20 mph!

Guest Blog

Underwater Photography

A 15 day crash course in Koh Tao

A little fish emerging from soft coral tentacles surrounded by bright purple soft coral


Utter terror and exhilaration at 14000 feet

Tandem skydivers having just jumped out of a plane, arms and legs spread

Swimming With Dolphins

Wild dolphins are happy dolphins!

Shark Encounters

Sharks are our friends! Discover how to interact with them and learn to love them too

Guest Blog

Bali: A Raw, Vegan Journey

Raw Food culture abounds in Bali, Indonesia. Is it possibly the best place in the world to visit raw food restaurants or eat a raw food diet?

Yoga Retreat

Laughter, relaxation, the best food I've tasted and the start of a healthier me :-)

Hisaronu Peninsular, Turkey: Sailing

Isolated bays, peaceful days and award winning cuisine for small change

Scuba Diving

Scuba divers near the sandy bottom with soft corals in the foreground

Florida, USA: Hunting Reserve

6 rednecks, 10 guns and a chick

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The hardest watersport I've tried, but the adrenalin hooked me

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Sheer terror on a mountain top, diffused by mulled wine and superb house music. And the views were worth it!