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Destination Research

Apologies for the seasoned travellers who will already know all this, but for those looking for information or inspiration:

Ask your friend network. I’ve had some of my best recommendations from friends responding to a Facebook post. These are unbiased insights based on their personal experience, and using their knowledge of what you like and don’t like.

My go-to page for accommodation, restaurants, bars, activities, excursions and forums on what to see and do. You’ll find information on free attractions here too.  Content is based on user reviews with user photos.  This link will take you to my personal page with around 300 reviews.

A city/town/village/island often has its own tourist web page which can be a useful source of things to see and do, Google will find the page for you.  This will be the polished version of where you’re going, cross reference it with other sites such as Tripadvisor

Useful for high level information on the size, history, politics, currency etc. of your destination, any political unrest will likely be listed here too, worth being aware of it you’re going somewhere obscure.

This is a great site for information on political unrest, vaccinations, visa requirements etc.  Remember, if the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office advise against travel to a certain country or area, you won’t be able to get insurance cover.  I personally would never travel somewhere against Foreign Office advice and/or without insurance cover, it’s not worth the risk!